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Electronic Music Production School with Logic Pro
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Course: Recording Connection for Logic Pro Electronic Music Production

Audio Education Upgraded
for 2022

Curriculum Overview

LESSON 1: Electronic Music History

How did we get to where we are as electronic producers and performers? From composers of avant-garde noise music to modern DJs and producers of new media, technology in music is ubiquitous. As we begin our own odyssey, we’ll take a trip through time and see how electronics have shaped... Read more

LESSON 1: Electronic Music History

LESSON 2: Fundamentals I: Sound and Hearing

Embark on a journey with audio as it travels from a speaker, through the air, and into our ears. Examine the true characteristics of sound as they exist in their environment, as well as their physical and emotional interactions with humans. Harnessing sound and acoustical energy is a lifelong journey.... Read more

LESSON 2: Fundamentals I: Sound and Hearing

LESSON 3: Fundamentals II: Analog vs Digital

In this lesson, we move forward on our journey through sound, examining the underlying principles of audio and signal flow in the electrical realm (analog) as well as inside the computer (digital). In today’s age, new tools and ideologies to music making are introduced every five minutes. Understanding the manipulation... Read more

LESSON 3: Fundamentals II: Analog vs Digital

LESSON 4: Logic Install and Introduction

Welcome to Logic Pro X, the standard for electronic music production. We’ll get you up to speed with your new instrument, which happens to be the most powerful DAW on the planet. At the Recording Connection, tutors are standing by to assist with your workflow, address specific issues, and show... Read more

LESSON 4: Logic Install and Introduction

LESSON 5: Music Fundamentals

In this chapter, we begin to pull apart the fundamental elements of music itself, such as rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and dynamics. Through our interactive curriculum and remote study sessions, we’ll introduce you to music theory from a producer’s perspective. Understanding a few of these rules can go a long... Read more

LESSON 5: Music Fundamentals

LESSON 6: Composition and Song Structure

Building on our previous unearthing of the elements that make up a piece of music, we discuss the form and structure of these materials, and write some music, too! Through the exercises in our curriculum, the student learns how to use Logic as a rapid tool for writing, and begins... Read more

LESSON 6: Composition and Song Structure

LESSON 7: Midi and Virtual Instruments

MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, has been the default language of electronic musical instruments for over thirty years. As a production tool, one can use it to compose music without committing to the sound of the instrument, as MIDI is just simple set of messages (primarily notes). These messages,... Read more

LESSON 7: Midi and Virtual Instruments

LESSON 8: Synthesis

Discover a plethora of different methodologies for making sounds from scratch! Through careful examination of the building blocks of synthesis, we gain a deeper understanding of the complex sounds we hear on our favorite tracks, as well those inside our heads. One-on-one with your mentor, you’ll experiment with different synthesis... Read more

LESSON 8: Synthesis

LESSON 9: Virtual Drums

It is finally time to talk about the aspect of the electronic music that most of our students go bonkers over – that is, how to make BEATS!! The beat is the driving force behind a vast majority of repertoire in electronic music. In this chapter, we will discuss the... Read more

LESSON 9: Virtual Drums

LESSON 10: Samplers

Enter the world of sample-based music through an interactive lesson in slicing, chopping and arranging samples, sourced from audio recordings as well as original material. We’ll also discuss different approaches to drum programming, from finger drumming to pattern based sequencing, and unique perspectives on each to add to your arsenal.... Read more

LESSON 10: Samplers

LESSON 11: MIDI Effects

Take control of your machines and immerse yourself in the possibilities of MIDI to breathe new life into your music! At a basic level, a MIDI effect will take the notes played by your hand and warp them in a variety of ways; the results are ear candy, and arriving... Read more

LESSON 11: MIDI Effects

LESSON 12: Flex Time and Pitch

One-on-one with your mentor, learn how easy it is correct time and pitch when a performance isn’t quite where it needs to be. Using Flex Time in Logic, take multitrack recordings of drums and snap them into place so they groove alongside your sequenced rhythms. With Flex Pitch, correct the... Read more

LESSON 12: Flex Time and Pitch

LESSON 13: Microphones and Tracking Techniques

A microphone changes acoustic energy into an electric current that can be altered and manipulated. Any device that converts one form of energy into another form of energy is called a transducer. Microphones are typically the first stop in the signal flow of our recording path. In this chapter, we... Read more

LESSON 13: Microphones and Tracking Techniques

LESSON 14: Equalization and Dynamic Processing

Equalization and dynamic processing are two of the most established and powerful sonic manipulation tools we producers have in our arsenal. Dating as far back as the early years of broadcasting around the time the telephone was invented, equalization and a type of dynamic processing known as compression were used... Read more

LESSON 14: Equalization and Dynamic Processing

LESSON 15: Effects Processing

Warp, twist, and mangle recorded sound into sonic bliss (or mayhem)! As we tour Logic’s immense collection of effect plugins, you’ll bring out qualities in your own music that were previously unheard. Recorded vocals in your closet? Feed them through the Space Designer, which injects your audio into a variety... Read more

LESSON 15: Effects Processing

LESSON 16: Mixing and Automation

Dig deep into the art and science of mixing records! Through critical listening exercises as well as unique perspectives from your mentor, you’ll master how to shift one’s psyche by various methods of melding the elements in your music. Learn how to automate aspects of your production so you quickly... Read more

LESSON 16: Mixing and Automation

LESSON 17: Mastering

In the recording world, a master is a finished product – a song that is fully mixed down and radio ready! Mastering is the art of sweetening the mix and preparing the mixdown for duplication. The goal of this chapter is to familiarize us with some of the very basics... Read more

LESSON 17: Mastering

LESSON 18: Advanced Synthesis

Exercising our previous knowledge of the building blocks of sound synthesis, we will develop our own library of patches, a creative arsenal to take with you as you venture out into the world as a producer. With our production team in Los Angeles, you will dissect the complex sounds you... Read more

LESSON 18: Advanced Synthesis

LESSON 19: Advanced Sampling

Create sample-based instruments from your favorite sounds on records, sounds you collect from your environment, even your own music! Chop, slice and warp to your liking, and compile a sample library that only you own! Learn how to make playable instruments from audio samples we collect in our environment, such... Read more

LESSON 19: Advanced Sampling

LESSON 20: Getting Your Music Heard and Final Exam

Our journey by no means has ended! Being mentored by our team of producers in Los Angeles, we’ll brainstorm together about how to penetrate the world with your newly released collection of music. The final exam, to be taken at the studio with your mentor, will gauge your understanding of... Read more

LESSON 20: Getting Your Music Heard and Final Exam

Amplify your life! Get inside access to the music business, extern under a professional music producer and audio engineer inside of their recording studio. Gain insider knowledge and connections during real sessions. Work hard during our electronic music production course and you can turn your dreams into reality.

With traditional four-year universities and other music schools, you’ll learn how to produce music, sound design, and complete music compositions from inside a classroom. The Recording Connection takes you out of the classroom and puts you in a professional recording studio. Where would you rather spend your time?

Digital Audio Workstations

Learn to use what the professionals use.

The personal computer boom, along with advances in music technology, has made it easier than ever to make your own music. Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) have come down in price and provide more functionality, offer hundreds of tracks to work with, removed the need for tape, and made music production easier for those with the talent and skills.

With such accessibility, more and more people are creating their own music or engineering music for others. With such a crowded marketplace, you’ll need to set yourself apart from those weekend warriors and do it yourselfers. Our mentors are industry insiders, professionals who will show you how music is made in today’s world.

Our electronic music production course will give you the solid foundation you need to find work in a recording studio, create your own music as a live DJ, or as a touring hip hop engineer or producer. Our mentors work with a variety of DAWs, including:

  • Logic Pro
  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • Cubase
  • Reason

Make Real-World Connections

Every day is a new Day to impress the pros.

In order to further your career as an electronic music producer, you need to have connections within the electronic music industry world. And not just one or two: You need fifty, a hundred, or two hundred. You need people who are in high places to know who you are–you need to have your foot in the door.

A career in music is built by those connections. In such a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to find yourself in the right situations to get in front of the right people. Recording Connection brings those opportunities to you. What will you do with those opportunities?

Our fully immersive electronic music production programs put you in the middle of the action, working one-on-one with a professional in a real-world recording studio. They work with artists, audio engineers, producers, and others in the industry every day–which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show what you’re made of.

Recording Connection has sent more than 25,000 students into the industry since our inception. After completing the program, our students find work in the studios they learned in, at other studios based on the recommendations of their mentors, and even start their own professional studios. Will you be our next success story?

Learn in the Studio or in Your Home

Remote learning has never been more important.

For decades, Recording Connection has been perfecting our online courses. Because even with more than 300 locations across the United States, we want to make our online courses as accessible as possible. Working with our Academic Facilitators, we’ll ensure you have what you need to work remotely with one of our mentors.

This is so much more than the standard online school. We don’t give you a mountain of reading and a bunch of videos to watch and call it a day. You will still be working directly with your mentor, sharing screens during your time together. Yes, there will be required reading and tests, but you’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback, and have a free-flowing conversation.

That’s just not possible with .pdfs and YouTube videos. We designed our remote learning Electronic Music Production Program to give students all of the advantages of in-person learning no matter where they’re located. Yes, being in the studio is the best option–but our remote learning is the next best thing.

Electronic Music Production School Classes

Learn more in less time and for less money.

Even though we offer an exhaustive look at electronic music production, our programs only run from six to nine months at a fraction of what “name” four-year universities, colleges, and trade schools cost. And after those years in a classroom, what do you have? A piece of paper and a slap on the back.

With Recording Connection, you could already have a year or more of paying experience. What makes more sense to you? Going to class for four years or making money doing what you love in less than a year? And with so many locations, you won’t have to uproot your life to do it. Take a look at the lessons below and find out exactly what you’ll be learning during your time with us.

You Help Work the Curriculum

Prerequisites? What’s a prerequisite?

Although our Electronic Music Production Program has a set curriculum, we won’t waste your time on coursework that you already know. Working with your mentor and an Academic Facilitator, we’ll create a path to make the most of your time with Recording Connection.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been creating music on your own for a few years, played in the high school marching band, or have never read a note of music. All you really need is a love for electronic music production, the drive to succeed, and a strong sense of responsibility. When you come to us, you need to be ready to work.

That’s why our programs aren’t for everyone. You need to understand our mentors are working professionals with a passion to help create the next generation of electronic music producers. If you aren’t ready to put in the work, our programs probably aren’t right for you.

But if you can’t wait to get started on a career in electronic music production, we’ll give you the foundation, the connections, and the experience to find your way into the industry. In addition to electronic music production, our courses include audio engineering and production, hip hop and beat making, music business, and more.

Are you ready to Amplify Your Life? Apply today.

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Recording Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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All Students Have Access To:

1-on-1 learning in a real recording studio.

Other schools do classrooms and campus studio labs, with us, your classroom is a real studio in the real world.

All of our curriculum, labs, etc. are taught by a working industry professional.

You will only learn from an industry veteran who owns or operates his or her own real-world recording studio. Other schools employ full-time teachers who may or may not have achieved success in the real world. Our mentors are not only artists in their craft but working, successful business pros. Imagine what you can learn from them!

Sit in on real-life sessions.

Many of our students have been offered the opportunity to work on real-world sessions while they are students with us!! Our students have worked with Beyoncé, Kanye West, Robert Plant, Miley Cyrus, Solange, Khalid, Lady Antebellum, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp and Billy Bob Thornton to name a few while being taught by legendary producers Joe Chicarelli, Al Schmitt, Detail, Ross Hogarth, Ryan Hewitt, F. Reid Shippen and countless others.

Low Costs.

Recording Connection takes a unique approach to learning music production and pride ourselves on having a very modern approach to cost. Put plainly—we hate student debt just as much as you do. Throughout our 30 years in the business, we have made it a primary focus to keep our tuition affordable. Very affordable. While we believe we could price our education at three times what it actually costs, we have made it our mission to keep costs low. When you graduate with us, you will not be buried by burdensome amounts of debt.


In addition to the industry pro who will be your mentor, tutoring is available to you for the entire time you are enrolled with us. Need help with your homework? Can't figure out Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic or more? Want to learn how to make more beats? Have a question you forgot to ask your mentor? Want career advice? Want us to help you build a song? Create a resume? Our tutors and Academic Facilitators are here for you!

Real Career Services.

Our fully staffed Career Services Department exists for one reason—to help our students and graduates get hired. From helping you create an awesome resume, to handling and scheduling your job interview, to finding job opportunities in your area, we’ve got your back.

Additional Studio Time.

The more you give to our programs the more you get. Want more time in the studio to study, practice or observe? Simply prove your passion and dedication to your mentor and you will find there is virtually no limit to studio access.

Lab Time.

Personal, hands-on lab time is built into our program. You’ll never find yourself fighting over gear availability with dozens of other students. And speaking of gear, because you will be learning in a real-world recording studio you will be learning on the latest gear.

Real World Experience.

The only way to learn how things work in the real world is to learn in the real world. Since our program places you inside a real-world recording studio on the very first day, you’ll learn all the essentials: studio etiquette, client relations, shortcuts, how to meet a deadline, the art of running a recording studio and so much more. This gives you a tremendous advantage over other schools’ students who never got off the campus and who often graduate underprepared.


You’ve probably heard the expression “It’s who you know.” In the music industry this is definitely true. With The Recording Connection you have access to industry connections on a daily basis. As your progress with our program and start sitting in on recording sessions, you’ll meet your mentor’s connections—artists, producers, mixers, managers, gear reps and many more. It’s networking from the inside.

Our Network.

Once you are in with us, YOU ARE IN! The Recording Connection deals with hundreds of recording studios, audio engineers, music producers, mixers, record labels and studio owners on a daily basis. As long as you are a student or graduate of our programs, in good standing, our access is your access.

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You’ve got to put in your effort. You have to show the studio you’re actually going to show up, you’re going to be there, you’re going to work hard, and you know your stuff.
- Recording Connection grad Jake Kiyokane, Los Angeles, CA
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