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While the electronic music subgenre known as psytrance (or psychedelic trance) didn’t officially emerge until the late 1990s, it actually has its roots in a hippie migration to Goa, India in the 1960s. While DJs in Goa back in the day were initially spinning psychedelic rock for the hippies, electronic styles began making their way into the mix until an original trance style known as Goa trance emerged. As the style took hold in clubs around the world, other elements were woven in, eventually yielding what we now call psytrance. Additional subgenres of psytrance heard today include dark psytrance, full on psytrance, progressive psytrance, and its original cousin Goa trance, among others.

Psytrance music is mainly identified by its form: a series of layered melodies, harmonies and rhythms being added to the track, changing every 8 measures or so, growing in energy and complexity, building to a climax, then breaking down and starting again—all played over a constant bass pattern that repeats over a time frame of about 7-10 minutes per track. The tempo is typically energetic, usually between 140-150 BPM. Loops, drum machines, sequencers and synths are heavily used, with an emphasis on effected analog synth leads.

If you dream of mastering the complexities of psytrance electronic music production, you need to be taught by someone who is experienced in this genre. The Recording Connection audio school alternative is the school that puts you in a real recording studio under the personal mentoring of a real electronic music producer, someone who can teach you one-on-one in the studio. You’ll learn how to leverage the power of Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic, Reason, and a whole arsenal of synths and drum machines to produce outstanding psytrance and other styles of electronic music.

The Recording Connection is now accepting applications for open externships in its electronic music production program. For more information, apply.

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