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Dub Step
Dub Step

Dub Step

Learn Dub Step Music Producing with the Recording Connection:

Dub Step first emerged in the latter half of the 90s in South London, UK. The stylistic origins of Dub Step can be traced back to Reggae, Dub, 2-Step Garage, and Broken Beat. Dub Step artists typically use sequencers, samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, keyboards, and personal computers to make this extremely popular form of electronic music. Common attributes of Dub Step music are fat bass lines, clipped samples, and reverberated drum beats. The rhythms are syncopated and shuffled. Tempo is the range 138-142 beats per minute. Dub Step is also know wobble bass, often referred to as the Wub which is when a bass note is manipulated to offer infectious rhythms.

The Recording Connection externship program is the school to put you in the room with a professional Dub Step performer. They will teach you how to use Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase and Reason so you too can create your own unique Dub Step sound.

To be a professional Dub Step Electronic Music Artist you must learn the science and structure of rhythm, wobble bass, bass drops, rewinds, and more. We are currently accepting applications to learn Dub Step, from a professional mentor, either in their studio or yours.

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