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Recording Connection for
The Creator Pro

Audio Education Upgraded for 2022

Become a Pro Creator in Weeks & Get Going Now!
Write and produce a song in 10 weeks.

Get the expert knowledge you need to succeed. Work with award-winning engineers and producers to create your track, the way you hear it, so the rest of the world can hear it too.

Create & Learn.

Real Pro's. Real Knowhow.

Work with award-winning professionals who know how to master your sound and unique vibe. Get direct, one-on-one mentorship that takes your production skills to the pro level. Dispel the myths. Learn how the industry really works.

Build Your

You need professionally produced tracks. Now you can produce and learn at the same time with the best of the best, no comparison.

Work, Learn,

This is the only program that gets you access to the game changers who will teach you while they help you produce.

You are the creator.

Nothing can match your uniqueness. The knowledge of turning your ear and talent into a professionally produced track is invaluable. It starts here.

Turn your music into professional produced tracks, again and again. Learn what it takes to go from the inking of an idea to a fully-produced song and beyond! We give you knowledge and access to award-winning professionals while you turn your dream into reality.

What We Cover

From capturing that idea in your mind and getting it faithfully and correctly loaded into your DAW, to building a well-developed arrangement, selecting and adding instruments, effects, dynamics and embellishments to getting pristine vocals that move, The Creator Pro covers all of it, even remixing so that you're ready to make that break on the dancefloor, radio, movies and television and a multitude of venues for your unique sound.

Recording Connection student

Produce a professional track! The Creator Pro program, powered by Recording Connection.

Creator Pro was created by Recording Connection to give anyone with enough drive, enough love, and enough talent to make a professional track of their own. Do you want to learn how to produce that song in your head but are wary of the time commitment and cost? Forget the fumbling and get to making music right. The Creator Pro Program was created specifically for passionate creators with drive. Our 10-week program will give you the step-by-step knowhow you need to professionally produce music by working solo and with a pro. You'll learn to expand your creative imagination and open up to the music within, then capture it, and cultivate it into music that moves and gets listeners engaged.

"All my life I've always found comfort in music. I know music is my passion and to be happy in life means doing what you truly love the most. When I heard about RRFC I was skeptical because I'm in Canada and they're in LA. However it's the best choice that I've ever made. My mentor's awesome. He never fails to encourage me to create better music. Even though it's a bit tough these days considering the pandemic, my mentor and the school facilitators are doing great in providing support and making the whole experience an awesome one."
— Jeremy Murphy

Do You Have an Internet Connection?
Then You Can Take This Program.

The Creator Pro was developed to give those interested in a music career a crash course in how to make a song.

If you have a fast enough computer, a strong internet signal, and the willingness to work on your own time, you'll create a professionally produced song with an award-winning mentor - no matter where you live.

Recording Connection student
Recording Connection student

The Creator Pro Program was Created Specifically for You.

You'll meet remotely with an artist, audio engineer, or other music producers once a week, building a foundation, executing the fundamentals, and learning the nuts and bolts of making music in today's world. And you'll do it from anywhere you have an internet connection and the ability to focus on the task at hand.

Start Learning

Does A Career In The Music Industry Sound Too Good To Be True?
It isn't. Get Started Now. Know what the pros know.

Amplify Your Life Now

The Ten Week Creator Pro Course Creating Professional Music from Scratch

During this packed 10-week program, you'll learn how to properly install the digital audio workstation of your choice (Ableton Live or Pro Tools), improve your listening and ideation skills, and learn the professional tricks of the trade in song development, composition, arrangement, establishing workflows, making music that moves, performanceship, mixing, remixing for various formats, and more!

The Creator Pro Program: What You' Learn

Week 1: Foundation and Fundamentals

First things first: we'll need to make sure you have the DAW (Ableton Live or Pro Tools) loaded up on your computer. Working with an Academic Facilitator, we'll make sure the software is loaded properly. These are the tools you'll need to begin making music like the pros. From there, we'll hit the Listening Library, discuss the song or melody in your head, and how to “log off” for important meditation tactics.

Once we're in the right frame of mind, we'll begin the recording work, discuss plug-ins, tap-tempo, scratch melodies, and finally how to save your work. Congratulations - you've just started the process of making music!

Recording Connection student
Week 2: Arrangement and Rhythm

During week two, we'll break down what you recorded during the first week. You'll learn about the parts of the song, how to find the “root” note, and how to build drums around your scratch melodies. It's a lot to learn, but you'll get the direction you need to work on it during the rest of the week.

A common theme throughout Creator Pro is listening to other music to see how it can help you, along with ear rest and meditation, learning about plugins, and writing about your experiences. This will reinforce what you've already learned, while providing a resource for future music production.

Recording Connection student
Week 3: Instrumentation and Accompaniment

You'll learn to break down the root note, incorporate the bass into your song, and add instrumentation from the instrument library of your DAW. We get into breaking down the melody of your song, mixing in pads and arrangements, and adding accompaniments to give your song some depth of sound.

Now is the time your song begins to find a genre. This could be electronic dance music, a bouncy pop song, or soulful indie rock. The listening library will consist of Daft Punk and Ray Lynch. You'll begin to see how all music begins with the same basic fundamentals.

Recording Connection student
Week 4: Embellishments and Ornamentation

Snares, crashes, toms, and kicks. At this point, you'll know the differences of the different parts of the drum kit and how they can lead the listener through the song via fills. Bridges will connect the different parts of your song together and you'll begin to build seamless intros and outros to your creation.

You'll listen to music from multiple-Grammy award winner Billie Eilish and see how her music utilizes fills and bridges to keep the listener interested. As always, you'll learn about more cool plug-ins that will give your music some flair. You'll also aid your retention and deepen your creative practice with meditations and blog entries. Your self-made resource guide should be pretty full by now.

Combine What You've Learned with Vocals that Move

During the Vocal Creator portion of Creator Pro, you move into focusing on learning how to create, produce, and polish vocals that really move, grab, and communicate in just the way you want them to.

Recording Connection student
Week 5: Preparing to Record

At this point, you've been creating different tracks for each session, including vocals. Now's the time to bring it all together. Doing that requires so much more than just dumping all of the tracks onto one stage. You'll learn how to get it ready for the producer, go through pitch correction, establish markers, and label the tracks for easier implementation.

All of the above is building your song and your sound. Now's the time to delve into preparing to record those vocals (or lead instrument) like a pro. That's the Recording Connection difference: Other programs don't take the time to show you how to prepare for a performance, how to practice the sounds, and make that performance ready for recording. We do. Once you know how to do it right, you can do it over and over again.

Recording Connection student
Week 6: Tracking

Seeing a musician performing a song they feel deeply is nothing short of captivating. This is the week you go into the studio and record your song, performed by you or your artist. In this chapter, we'll go through getting you both technically and emotionally prepared so that you can give your best performance and get all the great vocal (or instrumental) takes you need to build your song in a professional manner.

Learn to Mix Like a Pro from a Pro

You've been creating a song from the ground up, from laying the foundation, to building up dynamic sections that grab the listener and take them on a sonic journey that keeps them wanting more. Now's the time to turn that song all the way to 10 with properly recorded, produced, and integrated vocals that shine!

Recording Connection student
Week 7: Integration, Effect, and Dynamics

The time has arrived. We're jettisoning that scratch audio and integrating our nice phat vocals and instrumentation the right way, then getting into the mix with effects and dynamics. With your mentor's expert guidance, you'll start to get a feel for how to make your vocals or star instrument “stand up” in the mix and apply reverb, delay, and echo in a way that works with your surrounding instrumentation.

Recording Connection student
Week 8: Mixing

Adding EQ, compression, and effects has left us with a raging beast that's got to be tamed! Tame it we will, with a little leveling and panning to get all of your instruments sitting right, enabling those sonics to really shine.

Next, you're learning a technique with nearly endless applications—sidechaining. Master it and you'll almost never have to worry about mud in that mix.

Uncover the Masterful Art of Remixing

One and done is for novices. Remixing endows you with the power of perspective, creative growth, and endless discovery as well as marketing viability and opportunities to connect. Learn to unlock the power and potential of remixing.

Week 9: Remixing, Part 1

With one fully fleshed out, well-produced song under our belt, we're moving on to remixing. Never considered remixing? Think again! Whether you're remixing your own music, or others, this multifaceted art form that has huge name-building and promotional benefits and helps keep you sharp, innovative, and tapped into various sounds, genres, and communities. Check into the amazing artform that is remixing.

Recording Connection student
Week 10: Remixing, Part 2

Jazz for producers and DJs alike, remixing lets you delve deep into FX, loops, swoops and slides and cracking open the magic of a song's composition with infectious grooves and inspiring buildups. Fooling around and trying new things is what it's all about! We'll get into various popular remix arrangements like the extended remix, radio edit, dub mix, trance mix, house mix, and more! What are you waiting for?

The Recording Connection for The Creator Pro course Built Around You

We created this remote learning program to make sure EVERYONE who wants to create their song can. Are you ready to create yours?

The Finished Product

At the end of the program, you will have produced at least one professional song and remix produced under the watchful eye of an industry professional. Our pros can't wait to see what you have to offer the world but you'll have to give it your all. Creator Pro is not for the fainthearted. Not everyone is accepted. You must be willing and ready to give it your all.

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Here's Just a Few of the Artists
Who Have Worked with Recording Connection Mentors:

Alicia Keys

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Alison Krauss

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Iggy Azalea

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John Mayer

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Jessica Simpson

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Kary Perry

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Lil Jon

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Lady Gaga

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Snoop Dogg

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Taylor Swift

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Warren G

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Remote Learning from Industry Leaders

Get a real-world studio experience without having to leave your home.

All of our programs are available to anyone with an internet connection. Students can choose to download free trial Ableton or Pro Tools options or complete Creator Pro with the digital audio workstation of their choice. Study materials, direct, real-world training and connecting with professional music makers and real opportunities is what we're about. We're committed to revolutionizing the way music is learned nationwide.

The Creator Pro Program is one more way Recording Connection is giving songwriters, musicians, beatmakers, audio engineers, and music producers the ability to make their music with a true professional in their corner. At the end of the ten-week program, you'll have a professionally recorded and mixed track and remix to get out to the world.

In a little more than two months, you'll learn the software, the techniques used in professional studios, and how to make the most of your opportunities. Use Creator Pro as a springboard to other Recording Connection programs, or go solo, the choice is yours.

Now is the time to Amplify Your Life!

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