The True Cost of Recording Schools Compared

At the Recording Connection, we believe you should not have to mortgage your future to go to Audio Engineering or Music Producing School. That’s why we offer one of the lowest costs to graduate in the music industry. We also don’t believe in hidden fees and costs like some of our competitors. Your price is $9,800 if you pay in full, or $10,800 if you finance. This includes everything: your private one-on-one learning as an apprentice (extern) with your mentor; session work and additional lesson opportunities; all your books and materials; your own brand new copy of Pro Tools; your very own website; SEO self marketing classes; student services counseling and additional mentoring (if needed); and one year’s worth of real job placement assistance. That’s $9,800 total for everything. That’s approximately 75% LESS than those overpriced diploma mill audio schools.

Did you know that some schools charge more for lab fees and supplies alone than what we charge you for your entire education at the Recording Connection? Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to find the tuition costs on some of our competitors’ websites. We invite you to compare the true costs of graduating from other audio engineering and music producing schools versus ours.

The True Cost of Recording Schools Compared


For the Best Value and Results, Compare Recording Connection to Other Schools

  1. The Recording Connection costs much less.
  2. At the Recording Connection, you learn one-on-one, privately, from a professional recording engineer or music producer in a real recording studio.  (Just say no to crowded classrooms.)
  3. The Recording Connection is located in hundreds of cities and towns around the world.
  4. The Recording Connection trains you to be an audio engineer or music producer in about six months.

Four More Reasons for You to Choose The Recording Connection Audio School Alternative

  • Your teacher is a working recording professional, not some professor who hasn’t been on a paid recording gig in years (if ever).
  • Your classroom is in a real state-of-the-art recording studio, not in a crowded classroom or campus recording setup.
  • You’ll get real world experience working on real recording gigs for paying clients, not practicing on pretend projects or pro bono gigs.
  • You’ll make between 10 and 100 music industry connections while you attend the Recording Connection.  These are the very people who do the hiring.  (At most schools, you’ll meet hundreds of fellow students who will be competing with you in the job market come graduation time.)

Why We’re Good

The Recording Connection Music and Audio Institute combines the best parts of recording schools (the parts that work) while eliminating the parts that don’t work. We’ve developed and fine-tuned our course curriculum for over 25 years, working hand in hand with some of the top recording engineers and music producers in the United States. We strongly believe that when you compare us to the competition, you will see that Recording Connection is THE BEST PROGRAM out there if you are serious about a career in the music business.

What’s Included In Our Tuition Price?

As a Recording Connection student, you will get all the following included in your program, with NO hidden costs like book or software fees:

  • You will get your very own mentor who will train you in music recording and sound design, one-on-one, in his/her own recording studio.
  • You will get our structured course curriculum, written by real-life audio professionals (i.e., recording engineers, music producers, live event sound engineers, and recording studio owners).
  • You will get all of your books included—no additional charge for books. We even ship them to you for free.
  • In addition to your regular mentor, you will also have a student services representative assigned to you. Your representative is available to help you with homework 5 days a week if need be.
  • You will also get your very own website as soon as you sign up, plus 6 months of training on how to use the Internet to market yourself and find work.