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Q&A with Recording Connection Student Lilly Carey

Confidence is always key, in life and in business. In our program a studentʼs business generally is his or her way of life. Our students join because their passion for music has taken them beyond the status of a “casual listener” and into the sometimes thankless profession of music production. Even with many of our […]

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Learn One on One With Your Mentor

“I arrived and my mentor and I started going over the lesson and quiz right away. Like usual, my mentor explained everything to me as we went through the lesson. My mentor also showed me each of the pieces of equipment that applied to the lesson, which he’s already been teaching me how to use. […]

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Learn Microphone Types and Placement Hands On

“Today my mentor and I covered microphones. I knew a little bit about how microphones work, but it was nice to get a little more information. My mentor spent a lot of time this week showing me the various mics he has in the studio, and what they use them for. My mentor also had […]

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