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Recording Connection Press Releases

William Morris Endeavor

The Recording Radio and Film Connection is excited to proclaim our joining with global talent agency William Morris Endeavor in order to donate charitable support to the Common Ground Foundation. The Recording Radio and Film Connection is overjoyed at the prospect of both assisting a noble cause and joining forces with the prestigious institution that […]

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Recording Connection Partners with Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue

The Recording Radio and Film Connection is proud to announce our continued support of local and national charity organizations. In an effort to better the communities our programs are apart of, we are proud to announce our patterning with metal legend Nikki Sixx of the band Motley Crue to donate to Get Prepared California. This […]

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Interview with Andrew Kirk: Recording Connection Honors Graduate

Interviewer: Okay. Thanks again for being willing to talk with us. Let me pull up the right set of questions. There we go. Andrew, first of all, why don’t you tell us what you have been doing since you graduated from the Recording Connection. Andrew: Okay. Yes. I did want to talk about that. I […]

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Recording Connection Donates to the Vidiots Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 2, 2012–The Recording Radio and Film Connection (RRF) have partnered with writer / producer / director Henry Bromell to donate to The Vidiots Foundation. The foundation is doing all it can to help preserve the culture and heritage thought the beauty of cinema. We at RRF thank Mr. Bromell and all […]

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Juma Spears Graduates Recording Connection with Connections

No matter where our students take part in one of our programs, we know that artists, both big and small in name, are always abundant and provide great learning opportunities. One of those lessons is to find success when working outside of you preferred genre. Read below on how Juma Spears, a local hip-hop artist, […]

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Ben Eklund Describes the Qualities that Helped Succeed After Graduation

No matter a students background or where they are completing our program we always find many similarities with our graduates that find work almost immediately after graduating our programs: They seem to have a never-ending desire to create the best works possible. Read into what one of our many working-graduates has to say about what […]

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Graduate Peter Rodriguez works with Hip Hop Artist Hunter O’Neil

No matter the location and no matter the artist (big or small) we are proud to say we not only provide real-world opportunities to our members but the chance to learn and think on their feet. So while many college students can shut their eyes and “follow the leader” in large universities our students get […]

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Guitar Center Supplies Recording Connection Students with Hardware and Software

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 9, 2012–The Recording Connection is honored to announce our taking yet another step to provide equipment and support to our students across the country. Our program has partnered with Guitar Center® and Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro) to continue supplying our students with recording software and hardware nationwide. Once again the […]

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Recording Connection Announces Partnership with Dean Hurley

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 9, 2012–The Recording Connection is proud to announce our partnering with yet another nationally recognized audio engineer. Dean Hurley, of Los Angeles, has been exploring the world of sound for film nearly a decade and much of Deanʼs work has been a part of the movies of legendary filmmaker David Lynch, […]

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