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audio engineer Josh Monroy Los Angeles

Music Producer Josh Monroy’s Tips for Being Productive in Studio with Your Clients

Josh “iGLOo” Monroy started his music career in Atlanta where he worked with artists Elton John, Shinedown, Justin Bieber, OutKast, The Notorious B.I.G. and helmed the post of head engineer of The LudaPlex, Ludacris’...

Recording Connection graduate Morning Estrada

How Morning Estrada Got Working with Trinidad James and Chart-Topping Producers and Artists

Before he started Recording Connection, Morning Estrada (Los Angeles, CA) had entered college with plans of getting a degree in mechanical engineering. “All through high school I really excelled in my math classes. So...

Recording Connection student James Boucher

From New York to L.A: Recording Connection student James Boucher is All In

One thing that stands out about Recording Connection student James Boucher (Venice, CA) is that he takes his time making major decisions—but once the decision is made, there’s no looking back. As we’ll see,...