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AXENZO Pro DJ playing a show in Las Vegas

How to Be a DJ with a Laptop?

In the olden days (a couple of decades ago), hip hop club DJs needed to lug around two turntables, mixers, microphones, and crates of records to get the party started. Today, all you really...

San Diego audio engineering

What’s the Difference Between a Music Mentor and a Music Teacher?

It’s something most of us are all too familiar with: Sitting in a classroom, listening to a teacher, professor, or instructor, telling us what we “need” to know. Obviously, that makes a lot of...

Two people working with Ableton Push

What’s‌ ‌the‌ ‌Best‌ Digital‌ ‌Audio‌ ‌Workstation?‌

For more than a century, recording music professionally was left to those with the resources. This meant having their own studios or the money to rent studio space and hire audio engineers or producers....