Meet Becki Sessions, Regional Manager for Recording Connection Nashville

Becki Sessions | Recording Connection NashvilleA hub for people who want to create and record music as their primary ambition, Nashville, Tennessee is where many artists get their first break into the professional world of music. People travel from all over the U.S. to get going in the industry, making connections with songwriters, producers, musicians, and everyone and anyone who’s on the go, turning song ideas and words and notes on a page into professional demos and fully-realized songs ready for airplay.

Becki Sessions, Regional Director for Recording Connection, is at the helm of helping tomorrow’s industry players get going with their careers today. We couldn’t be happier to have her.

In a recent interview with Becki we asked what led her to Recording Connection. Turns out, at one time, we weren’t even on her radar:

I had a student that was touring my school (a competitor of ours) at that time that said that Recording Connection was a program they were considering. I’d never heard of it. So I’m like, okay, ‘What is this Recording Connection?’ And that’s when I started doing my research and I’m like, ‘Well dang. That’s brilliant!’ And it just kind of started with me reaching out to Brian [Kraft (our Chief Operations Officer)] and saying ‘I’d really like to talk, because it’s exactly what future music industry professionals in Nashville need.’ …Brian and I kind of started to have conversations about the fact that I really believe in the concept of Recording Connection because it gives students the best chances of being successful in this industry. I don’t think that there’s any school anywhere in the country that’s getting it right if they’re not putting students directly into studios where they can learn underneath people who are doing this successfully and making money.”

The love Becki has for music runs deep. She comes from an extremely musical family in which nearly every member plays an instrument of some kind. After a successful career in radio, the jump into working in the music industry and helping others get their start was a natural choice. And even though her days are all about connecting tomorrow’s audio engineers and music producers with Nashville’s pros, she and her husband spend their offtimes going to see live music and seeking out Nashville-based talent.

In music, like in all creative industries, networking is key. Becki tries to impart this wisdom to students who oftentimes think success is going to find while they’re locked away jammingin their bedrooms:

In any industry, networking is hyper-critical to your success. But I think in the music industry and the film industry, anything in the entertainment industry, it’s even more crucial that you’re always networking in every opportunity that makes itself available to you. I work with students as they’re going through the program, and then even after they graduate, and one of the things I hear all the time is, ‘I’ve gotten this training and now I don’t know what to do with it.’ So one of the things I always do is put the ball back in their court and just say, ‘What type of opportunities are you making yourself available for each week? Are you involving yourself with industry events that are going on around your town or in your neighborhood that put you in contact with people who are successful in the industry that you want to be in?’ And I think that’s the mark that a lot of students miss is they continue to collaborate with people who are either at an entry level place in their career or they’re still in school, instead of really reaching out to people who are getting it right and successful. And definitely here in Nashville, that’s everywhere.

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