RC grad Scott Johnson Gets Hired at Infinite Music in Boston!

RC_Scott_Johnson_Boston_022317_insetSteve Catizone been working in the field of music recording, producing, and audio engineering for the better part of two decades. Despite his success, Steve hasn’t forgotten how hard it can be to break in. That’s a big reason why he works as a Recording Connection mentor, helping driven, young people find their way into the industry by working in an actual, professional recording studio. It’s something Steve knows a lot about considering he ran Sanctum Sound in Boston for more than a decade before making the trek out to Los Angeles where he worked at the world-renowned Serenity West Studios. Since then he’s returned to Boston and started his own studio, Infinite Music.

We recently connected with bachelor’s and advanced program graduate Scott Johnson and asked him about what piqued his interest in audio and led him to our program:

I’ve been involved in music ever since I can remember. My parents both sing. They met singing in a chorus and play piano. So they got me started on piano lessons back in second grade. So I’ve been playing music ever since then. I was in a band back in high school for a while. Once I was in college, I started producing, but my production sounded terrible compared to everything else I heard. So I was trying to find out how to make my stuff sound better, which led me looking into more of the engineering stuff, and I found out that I had an affinity for it, I guess. So I started learning that stuff on my own time, and then this lead me to Recording Connection.”

When asked what he thinks is the most important thing he learned in the program Scott says, “The most valuable thing to me was seeing how everything operated in the real world, you know? Being able to actually see how people ran sessions with clients… being able to practice it in a real world setting made a huge difference than just trying to find random stuff online, finding multi-tracks to mix, and things like that. And also it was big for just building relationships, you know?”

And you never know just who you could meet on any given day. Months after getting hired to Steve, Scott got a call to come in to help an artist lay down a few tracks while she was in town. That artist happened to be none other than British bad girl sensation Charli XCX! Scott says, “She was great, super nice and down to earth. She actually just come from Boston’s March on Women, so I was happy to see that. I had planned on attending except I had to set up for my session for her. But that was really great. And I also usually don’t usually work on sort of poppier music like that so it was a nice change of pace for me as well.”

When asked if he has any advice for students who are coming into the program, Scott says, “Be engaged and figure out what it is that you want to do at least generally and not specifically so you have some sort of a path you’re working towards.”

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