Blake LaGrange – Turning Recording Connection education into Real Life Experience

Blake LaGrange graduated in 2009 from Recording Connection under mentor Steve Weatherbee of Golden Track Studio, San Diego.

“If you are already doing what you love and you go through the program using the resources at Recording Connection, you can succeed,” Blake said during a visit to Los Angeles Center Studios this week.

Blake comes from a place of personal experience, as he currently owns and operates two of his own studios with a focus on EDM music.

Read more about Blake’s success story on our website, or check out his personal website for booking inquiries and more at and

Britney Tobin

Britney Tobin

Britney "Bebe" Tobin is the in-house career counselor and head of social media at the Recording, Radio, and Film Connection.

She has a background in English and Drama.

Her other jobs include television and film production. Previously, she was an undercover international spy.

Britney’s greatest passion lies in connecting others to what they love, and helping them find their passions.

Her weakness is chocolate.
Britney Tobin

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