Military Discounts

The Recording Connection offers between $500 and $1500 off for active and military veterans, depending on availability, market, and your financial situation.

The Recording Connection appreciates the service that the men and women of our armed forces have preformed. As such, the Recording Connection is going out of its way to repay that debt. We offer discounted tuitions to any currently or previously enlisted individuals.

The Recording Connection is an apprenticeship (externship) program that helps young and aspiring audio engineers and producers get their foot in the door, make contacts, and hone their craft. We teach all of our audio engineers Ableton, Logic, Nmore, Reason, and ProTools. We want each and every one of our veterans turned audio engineers to have every skill or problem-solving device at their fingertips.

The Recording Connection is unlike any other audio engineering or music production school. We put the student first. If you’re just getting out of the military and you really want to become a hip-hop producer, we’ll pair you with a currently working hip-hop producer who will guide you and shape you into a hip-hop manufacturing machine. If you’re interested in country, rock, or even polka, it’s the same deal.

The Recording Connection knows that life after military service can be a difficult transition. Reintegrating into society can be an arduous task. That’s one of the reasons that we have a mentorship system in place. It helps you, the returning veteran, learn how to interact with individuals in the music industry. Your mentor will introduce you to countless people. You’ll be meeting record executives, recording artists, and famous producers. It’s to your benefit to befriend them and make connections with them.

In any creative field connections mean everything. It’s just a fact. You’ll be working and learning how to become a productive member of an audio engineering team while you’re working in our school and your mentor’s recording studio. You’ll be meeting people. These people will be able to help you find work post-graduation.

The Recording Connection respects the fact that the women and men in our armed services have risked their lives to protect ours. We’re attempting to give back by helping honorably discharged or currently active military personnel follow their dreams of working in the music industry.

Some programs may not be available in AZ and TN. Please consult our school catalogs for more information.