Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these Vermont cities

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About the Vermont Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection in Vermont has some of the best mentors and audio engineering teachers in the world. The music industry is in need of audio engineers and music production technicians, and the Recording Connection is here to help. We want to take you, the aspiring audio engineer, and teach you everything there is to know about the craft and the trade.

The Recording Connection works on a simple mentor/apprentice approach.  We place you in a real recording studio and pair you with a real music producer and audio engineer, so you can gain real-world experience while learning from the very best. Your mentor has decades of tangible studio experience, and he/she will help you get everything you need to know under your belt. They’ll also help you learn Ableton, Pro Tools, Nmore, Logic and Reason. When you graduate, you’ll be equipped to work in real recording studios anywhere in the world.

The unique thing about the Recording Connection is that we have locations everywhere.  Since we train all our students in real recording studios, we don’t rely upon stand-alone campuses.  This means we can train you in any city in Vermont, or anywhere else you might want to live.  If we don’t have a location in your town, we’ll open one. It’s that simple.

The Recording Connection has you working in a real studio, with a mentor, learning the right way to do things so that you can focus your attention on making connections and perfecting your craft. You’ll be working with pros and learning at an accelerated speed. You’ll be an audio engineer before you know it.