Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these South Carolina cities

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About the South Carolina Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection in South Carolina is one of the most acclaimed audio engineering schools in the country. We prepare students for careers in the audio engineering and music production world by placing them as working apprentices in real recording studios throughout the state.

The Recording Connection teaches all of its students industry standard programs like Ableton, Pro Tools, Reason and Logic so they can be versatile enough to work in recording studios around the world. As a Recording Connection student, you’ll be paired with a mentor who has been working in the music business for decades. We want our students to become real engineers and producers, so we get them into real recording studios to learn from the best, to gain real experience and make real connections.

We are unique among audio engineering schools in that we’re located wherever our students are. We are consistently attempting to expand our location list. If you’re living in a city in South Carolina where we don’t currently have a location, we’ll open a new location. We’re already in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and other cities.

The Recording Connection also doesn’t want you to be buried under massive school loans when you graduate. We want our graduates to have the freedom to take risks and shake things up. It’s hard to take chances when you have massive debts to pay. That’s why we keep our tuition incredibly low and affordable, so our students can focus on their careers, not their debts.

With one-on-one training with top-shelf producers and engineers, the chance to work in a real studio and make real industry connections, and one of the lowest tuition rates in the industry, it’s no wonder that the Recording Connection is the most endorsed audio school by real industry professionals around the world.