Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these Pennsylvania cities

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About the Pennsylvania Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection in Pennsylvania is the premiere audio engineering and music production school in the state.  Pennsylvania is a hotbed of music production, and we have the advantage over other schools because we put you in the heart of the action right from the beginning.  Instead of sticking you in a crowded classroom, we’ll place you as an apprentice (extern) inside a real Pennsylvania recording studio, where a seasoned music producer or audio engineer will teach you the ins and outs of recording one-on-one.

We take preparing our students very seriously, which is why we believe the only place to learn audio production is in the studio with a mentor. We pair each of our students with a currently working professional producer who will teach them to master industry standard software programs like Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason and Logic, as well as mic placement, recording and mixing techiques, working with clients, etc.  As an apprentice (extern) with our program, you’ll be empowered and qualified to work in any recording studio in the world.

The Recording Connection in Pennsylvania has audio engineering school locations in nearly every city across the state. Whether you live in Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Erie, York or Scranton, we can place you in a real recording studio near where you live, or where you want to live.

The Recording Connection functions with a simple belief: connections are the key to success in the music industry. Connections allow you to work your way up the food chain, to find work, to make income, and ultimately to have job security. Without connections, you don’t really have any future in the music industry. From the outside, it looks like a chicken and the egg scenario. How do you find work without connections? How do you make connections without finding work? Well, that’s very simple: start with the Recording Connection.  We get you in the door.