Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these Oregon cities

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About the Oregon Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection in Oregon is one of the most acclaimed audio engineering schools in the United States. We operate with a unique curriculum and mentorship approach that is virtually unheard of in the music production education field at large. The Recording Connection takes aspiring audio engineers and pairs them with mentors who are currently working in the industry.

We make sure that our students have all the skills that they’ll need by teaching them the ins and outs of the recording process, as well as industry standard software programs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, and Ableton. Having a sophisticated working knowledge of these programs qualifies our graduates to work in nearly any recording studio in the world.

The Recording Connection in Oregon has locations in Eugene, Portland, Salem and other towns and cities throughout the state. By placing you in an actual recording studio, we are able to train you virtually anywhere in Oregon, near where you live, or where you want to live. If you live in a city without a Recording Connection location, we’ll start one.

We’re very proud of the fact that our tuition is among the most affordable in the industry. We don’t believe in burying our students in debt; we believe in helping people from every socio-economic bracket to launch their careers. The Recording Connection wants to empower you, to enable you to take chances and big risks. That’s the only way you’re really going to get what you want. Fortune favors the bold. When you have massive student loans to pay, it’s more difficult to take those risks—so we keep our tuition affordable.

The recording industry is all about connections. The more connections you have, the easier it is to find work. We put you in a real recording studio where industry professionals are hanging out, so by the time you graduate you’ll have a fistful of connections.  That’s exactly why the Recording Connection is so effective, and why over 72% of our graduates get hired.*

* Job placement statistics represent the percentage of students who graduated between May 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014 and found work related to their studies within six months of their graduation.