Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these Ohio cities

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About the Ohio Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection in Ohio is by far the best audio engineering school in the state. We utilize a unique mentorship program designed to introduce an entire new generation of potential audio engineers and producers into the industry. We pair you with a mentor, place you in a real recording studio, and help you gain experience and skills.

We also have a curriculum that establishes a concrete baseline and allows you to learn and experiment in safety. We make sure that you’re well-versed in industry standard programs such as Nmore, Pro Tools, Ableton, and Logic.

We are located throughout Ohio, in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, Akron and many other cities.  Because we train you in a real recording studio, the Recording Connection can be wherever you are. If we don’t currently have a location near where you live, we’ll open a location there.

The Recording Connection has a simple formula for success: pair the student with a mentor, teach them, help them gain real studio experience, and let them make connections with other working pros. Over seventy-two percent of our students are hired immediately out of the program because we put them in direct contact with the music industry from the very beginning. We are just that good. If you’re not hired right out of the program, we offer Job Placement Assistance for up to an entire year after you graduate. We’re committed to helping you find work.

The music industry runs on connections, and you can’t make those connections without being plugged into the industry.  The Recording Connection in Ohio is your gateway to the music industry, and the connections you make during this program will help you find work and become successful.