Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these Missouri cities

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About the Missouri Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection in Missouri is one of the most successful and sought after audio engineering education institutions in the whole country. The fact that we place the maximum amount of emphasis on real world experience and connections is something that instantly sets us apart from other music production schools.

The Recording Connection in Missouri also has an affordable tuition that allows students from all over the United States to attend and jump-start their careers. We enjoy the fact that our student body is comprised of people from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. We want the Recording Connection to service and assist individuals from every income bracket, and by keeping tuition rates low, we ensure that most of our students can graduate debt-free.

We also take immense pride in the fact that we help our students prepare for the realities of the recording world by teaching them Nmore, Pro Tools, Logic, Logic, and Ableton.

The Recording Connection functions as an apprenticeship (externship) program. We pair you with a professional engineer or producer, who assists you in making every decision and honing your career’s given skill set.

The Recording Connection in Missouri has audio engineering and music production schools located all over the state. Branson, Joplin, Kansas City, and Springfield are all common hotbeds. We also frequently open new branches as well. If we don’t have a location in your town or city, we can open one.

Our audio engineering school is founded on a simple premise: connections are your gateway to employment. By placing you as an apprentice (extern) in a real recording studio, we make sure that you’re in the vicinity of people who can hire you. It’s up to you to be able to seal the deal and impress them with your ideas, personality, and skills.