Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these Kansas cities

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About the Kansas Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection in Kansas is the highest rated audio engineering school in the whole country. We specialize in a unique brand of music production education with our apprenticeship (externship) style of learning. Our students learn one-on-one from individuals who have been in the recording industry for decades.

The Recording Connection in Kansas understands that breaking into a new industry can seem daunting. That’s why we take extra care to prepare all of our students in industry standard software programs like Nmore, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, and Ableton.

At the Recording Connection, we focus on a simple task: putting you in position to land a job. We want you to leave the Recording Connection employed. We know that entering higher education can seem scary and like a massive leap, but when you learn about how our program functions, you’ll feel differently. When you enroll in the Recording Connection, we pair you with a mentor, a producer or engineer who has been doing for years what you want to be doing—even winning awards at it. All of our mentors must undergo a rigorous screening process. We want to ensure that all of our mentors are up to snuff.

The Recording Connection in Kansas has locations in just about every city within the state’s boundaries. If you’d like to learn in Topeka or Wichita or Hutchinson, we can arrange it. We have locations everywhere. And if we don’t have a location in your city, we’ll establish one.

We also take pride in the fact that we don’t gouge our students for tuition. You’ll leave our school with an education, not massive debt.

The Recording Connection has your best interests at heart. We want you to be a successful audio engineer, which is why we place you as an apprentice (extern) in a real recording studio with a real producer/engineer for an affordable tuition rate.