Learn as an apprentice in a Legendary Recording Studio in these Connecticut cities

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About the Connecticut Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Connecticut Recording Connection is the audio school that you’ve always been dreaming of attending, because we train you in a real recording studio with a real producer/engineer. We’re the music production school of tomorrow. We live on the cutting edge. We’re the best audio engineering school in the United States.

The reason that we’re so highly regarded is twofold. First, we teach all of our students not one, but all of the cutting edge programs. By the time you leave our school, you’ll be fluent in Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Nmore, and Ableton. You’ll be able to satisfy any need any audio customer has. Second, we pair you up with a real music producer or audio engineer who serves as your mentor, teacher and guide. You’ll work out of their studio, and you’ll learn from them everything there is to know about the recording world. You’ll be gaining experience and learning simultaneously. You’ll be working towards getting a job. We’re here to help you get your foot in the door.

The Recording Connection understands that in these tough times, student debt is the last thing you need. That’s why we have one of the lowest tuition rates in the industry, complete with easy payment options. We want you to focus on your new career, not worry about paying back massive loans.

The Recording Connection is located everywhere in Connecticut. Whether you live in New Haven or Hartford or Norwalk, we have a recording studio apprenticeship (externship) ready and waiting for you to attend. We want you to be able to go to school exactly where you want to.

The Recording Connection is all about assisting you in developing connections. Connections are what will eventually result in your employment, your career advancement, and your ability to keep working. Connections are the lifeblood of any creative industry.