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Amplify Your Life!Turn Your Passion for Music Into Your CareerNot like any other school: We. Hit. Different.
Available in-person or online.

Recording Connection can help you break into your dream career in audio or music with unique 1-on-1 mentorship programs.

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*Not all programs are available in every state. Consult an Admissions Representative to learn more.

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*Not all programs are available in every state. Consult an Admissions Representative to learn more.

What We Offer
Work with the Stars and Amplify

Recording Connection will turn your dream of being a music producer and audio engineer into a successful career in the music industry. Experience an education like no other in half the time and for half the cost; where industry professionals and award-winning artists mentor students 1-on-1 in working studios and online. In this competitive industry, you need to have the skills, portfolio, and connections to make it. We deliver all three!

Audio and Music Programs Available Learn from an Industry Professional in a Real Recording Studio.

Artist & Producer in Ableton Live

22 Weeks

Learn to harness your own innate creativity and bring the music of your imagination into the world in Recording Connection for Artist & Producer in Ableton Live. Unleash the power of automation, sampling, instrumentation, mixing, vocal editing, and remixing while you ground yourself in music theory and song structure. Grow your artistry while you learn to work with seasoned industry pros, navigate the studio environment, and build a production map for your future knowing where you want to go and what it takes to get there.

Ableton Electronic Music Production

24-Week and 36-Week Programs Available

Capture the music in your head with our hands-on Ableton Live curriculum featuring private training from noted EDM DJs and producers. In the Recording Connection for Ableton Electronic Music Production program, learn how to elevate your music to the professional level and get your sound in front of the decision-makers at major EDM labels.

Hip Hop & Beat Making

24 Weeks

Take your beat making and hip hop knowledge to the professional level by learning from a major Hip Hop Producer in his or her studio in our Recording Connection for Hip Hop & Beat Making program. Learn what separates the real-deals from the wannabes.

Logic Pro Electronic Music Production

20 Weeks

Learn Logic Pro as you extern under a professional electronic music composer, dance music producer, or touring DJ in their studio in our Recording Connection for Logic Pro Electronic Music Production program. Gain insider access to the electronic music scene. You tell us your favorite genres of electronic music, and we will help you produce that type of music.

Music Producing

20 Weeks

Looking to build a career as a music producer? Our insider access is your opportunity to make lasting hookups that can help you get started at producing today’s music. In our Recording Connection for Music Producing program, you’ll learn in private sessions with a professional producer who can show you the ins-and-outs of this dynamic career.

Audio Engineering & Music Production

20 Weeks

From the basics of listening and microphone placement to Pro Tools and mastering, extern with a professional audio engineer in the studio, learn in the trenches and on-the-job. Take your dreams to the professional level in our Recording Connection for Audio Engineering & Music Production program.

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Morning Estrada

Student Success Story: Morning Estrada

After completing the Recording Connection Audio Engineering and Music Production Program, Morning Estrada has been nothing but successful. Last year, he acted as Aminé’s own engineer and went on tour with the rapper, received a Grammy nomination for his work on Camila Cabello’s debut solo album , and won a Latin Grammy for his work on Rosalia’s smash crossover album, Con Altura.

For many engineers, that’s a career! So how did Morning learn to handle the non-stop work and breakneck speeds? He took his time to learn the process.

“In the beginning of Recording Connection, you want to go from learning how to push the Record button to, ‘Now I want to record the top artists,’” Morning said. “It doesn’t work like that. You have to really, truly fall in love with the process.

“I think that’s why Recording Connection works so well. It’s not like, ‘Hey, you can do all your lessons in one day.’ You kind of go at your own pace. So you can kind of sit back and read the material or go over whatever you learn and practice it because you have access to the studio as well with the program. So yeah, I think it’s just falling in love with the process, really.”

Hear More from our Mentor
Chris Lord-Alge

A Look Inside Class with Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer Chris Lord-Alge


Does A Career In The Music Industry Sound Too Good To Be True?
It isn't. You are too good not to be true to your dreams.

Staying true to your dreams means staying true to you. It requires passion, commitment, and a plan. Recording Connection is that plan. Work side by side with industry veterans and realize: A career in music isn’t just achievable — it’s inevitable. Your dreams are closer than you think.

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G.W. Childs

Mentor Stories / G.W. Childs IV

Recording Connections mentor G.W. Childs IV is a man of many talents. Songwriter, musician, published author, sound designer, composer, and voice editor to name a few. He believes every minute in the studio brings his externs a minute closer to a career in the music industry.

“Really take advantage of the lessons. The more time you put into the course, the more content it’s possible for you to create. That really is building your own brand, you know? So that’s the first thing is the more you put into it, the more that you’ll get back from it. I’m not just talking about the education you get.

Literally, what you walk away with is part of your discography now. That’s huge. It’s something that goes on the resume now. So if you have the opportunity to make five song sketches that week that you could use for the entirety of the course, do the five sketches.”

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