Anthony Opher Discusses His Experience with the Recording Connection

“The biggest difference now, easily, is just knowing… you know how you can have something in front of you and know what it does but you have no idea what it does, now that I have the background of how everything works, I won’t say everything but more than I knew. I know how and why this does this, not just how to use it but why it does what it does. So it’s a lot of background and things I didn’t know were as complicated as they are and like I said, I’m still learning but it was definitely an eye-opener. Everything that I’ve learned is building upon something else almost like everything is chain reaction when it comes to mixing. This might not work because this thing is not working and something else might go wrong because this is unplugged, you know what I mean. So now that I have a lot more of a background than I had before I’m a lot more comfortable.”

— Anthony Opher, Philadelphia, PA

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