Washington Student Finds Success with Training and Experience Gained Working in Real Recording Studio


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Dear Jimmy,

I’m writing to let you know that things here at TRIAD are going really well. The amount of material that your course offers is amazing and I have learned so much since I began the program and the people here at the studio are just fantastic. I’m currently at the half way mark in the program and I’m already assisting the engineers in actual sessions. There is absolutely no way I could gain this kind of knowledge and experience at the Art Institute, and thank god I didn’t enroll at the Art Institute. I am so happy I heard about your program. I would like to personally. Thank you for making my dream a reality!

Like I mentioned to you on the phone, I am going to be moving overseas and I would like to continue my career training in a foreign studio. I know you contacted a studio in Spain for me when I first started the program and I thought I would be moving at that time. I would like you to put me into contact with that studio once again. I noticed on the Internet that you have a lot of contacts with studios overseas and I’m excited to be transferred. The other places that would be interesting to me are studios in Holland and England and/or anywhere they speak English or Spanish. By the way, I checked out your website the other day and it looks fantastic!

Again let me thank you for this special opportunity and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with your company.




Heidi Peterson



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