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re: Les Arenson

Dear Jimmy,

It was a pleasure having Les as a student of ours and in your program. We worked well together learning, and in my case, relearning the technical as well as the creative aspect of the recording process. Les was a very good student. He started with very little technical experience to knowing how to work and work through problems that might arise in most studio applications. He started out as a musician, as so many of us do in our industry and learned a different trade but continued to work in the field his heart was in. He made the bold move of relocating to Los Angeles from our comfortable Central Coast area without employment. He soon got a job as an editor in a post house working on DAWs, slicing and dicing audio bits for television broadcast. He probably makes more money than I do now. Way to go Les.

Thanks Jimmy for turning us on to a fine professional.


Best regards,


Douglas Tomooka

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