Recording Connection: Letter: Taylor Studios, LTD.


Taylor Studios, LTD
818 N 109th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Dear Jimmy:


Taylor Studios has been involved with the internship/mentoring program since 1999. Since then we have had the distinct privilege of training 16 students for careers in audio recording/production as well as 4 students enrolled in the Film/Video program. I can say beyond any doubt that our participation has proven advantageous for many of them, as well as this company.

Taylor Studios, Ltd. Is committed to the intrernship/training paradigm, and as a result we have been fortunate in recruiting some of our most talented employees from this "partnership" with Entertainment Connection.

This letter brings an announcement of the full-time employment of Martin Longrie, Music Connection graduate, to the staff of Taylor Studios. Ltd. Martin is yet another example of the reality that your program, coupled with a committed production facility, generates the desired result for the serious student.

We look forward to more success stories in the future.


Thanks for Everything


Jeffery Taylor
TAYLOR Studios, LTD.