Recording Connection: letter: Red House Productions


Red House Productions
2500 W. 31st, Suite B
Lawrence, Kansas 66047


Dear Jimmy,

I just wanted to send you a letter as to how much I am enjoying the program. Being in a real studio as opposed to some of the “recording classes” I have taken really makes a difference. It is significant to be learning where the actual business takes place. Of course, it helps that the Red House personnel are personable and helpful.

Secondly, being a musician myself, the “in studio” education has revealed considerable insight to the recording process as well as the music business itself. Gaining this experience around working musicians as opposed to conservatory students as I have before has been considerably revealing.

I am looking forward to more progress in the program as I move toward the final. Equally, I am excited about obtaining post-final experience in the industry. Thanks a lot Jimmy and I will be turning in more book work soon.



Kelso Ashby



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