Alberta Canada Student Starts Engineer Job While Still A Student at Recording School


Night Deposit Studios Inc.
139 18th Avenue N.E
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2E-1N1
Phone 403-277-8030
Fax 403-277-8020

Dear Sir/Madam;

Please find enclosed the final exams and labs for student Ian Dearborn. I am happy to say that Ian has been an absolute pleasure to educate and train. Ian has shown me his strong ability to adapt to technology and its different uses in various situations. So strong are his abilities that Ian was given the opportunity to 2nd engineer in many professional sessions as well as perform as 1st engineer (paid for his services) on a couple of sessions when I fell ill. Ian performed as a professional and understands as to how a professional session should be run. I am also pleased to tell you that Ian has performed so well that I offered him a position as a 2nd engineer here at the Night Deposit Studios and Ian accepted. Through this position Ian will be able to continue building his experience as a professional audio engineer.


Thank you so much!

Endre J. Lukacsy

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