Recording Connection: Letter: The Midiman


The Midiman
Denver, CO


Having recently completed my recording engineering training with John and Steve Sundberg at FTM Studios in Littleton, Colorado, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making such an opportunity possible through your Music Connection offering. I feel very fortunate to have been able to train in person with John and Steve as their mastery over the craft and their love of the art are most evident and inspiring. Acquiring hands-on time and training in such a well designed, professional studio has been an experience that I will always treasure.

The recently updated Music Connection course content really hit the spot. The sections covering contemporary analog processes were very informative and I especially relished the instruction I received in modern state-of-the art digital signal processing and recording techniques. The sections discussing MIDI and SMPTE time synchronization were also quite useful, as they were immediately applicable in my home MIDI studio.

I applaud Music Connection for its unique, yet age-old, one-on-one approach to the education process as it greatly enhanced and intensified my overall experience. The flexibility of arranging mutually convenient meeting times worked out great because otherwise, due to work schedule conflicts, it would have been difficult at best to accomplish this critical step in the pursuance of my lifetime dream. Thanks again, as I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a learning experience more!



Joseph Ronanne



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