Recording Connection: letter: Hyde Street Studios


Hyde Street Studios
245 Hyde Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 441-8934


May 6, 1995

Dear Jim:

This is to let you know that one of your students has gained full-time employment here at Hyde Street. The owner of Hyde Street Studios, Michael Ward, did the test correcting and supervision of the program for Michelle Collin. She has recently moved up from intern status to a full-time job; she is a Second Engineer and Business Manager, so you might even say she graduated to TWO full-time positions (does that mean we get double the bonus?).

Please make the check for five hundred dollars payable to Hyde Street Sudios.

In addition, please feel free to send other students our way. Although we don’t have any openings for new interns right at the moment, we’re always looking for good people, and Michelle is a good example of how effectively educational your program is.

Thank you for your attention and for presenting such a useful program.




David Ogilvy
Booking Manager



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