Recording Connection: letter: Vancouver's Greenhouse Studios

Vancouver’s Greenhouse Studios
3955 Graveley Street
Burnaby, BC, Canada V5C-3T4
phone: 604-291-0978
fax: 604-291-6909


Sept. 30, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform you of the completion of Caleb Stulls’ training period. Caleb began at Greenhouse studios in March of 1999 under the Music Connection program. Since then, Caleb has learned the ropes here very well, and we are pleased to inform you that he is one of our assistant engineers on staff. During his training period, Caleb became an assistant to our head engineer Lee Preston. His sessions during the past few months have included working on highly anticipated Grapes of Wrath album, The Brett Isfeld Project assisting Matt Yelton (Frank Black, Pixies), God Awakens Petrified and the Flash Bastard Project through Americoma Records.

In addition, Caleb has worked on solo projects himself. He has taken full recording sessions from beginning to end very capably, and has even brought in business to our facility.

As understood in your letter to Greenhouse, we would like to inform you that a) Caleb has been trained and b) hired on as part of the Greenhouse team.

Thank you for providing us with a great addition to our team. We intend on seeing a lot of Caleb around here!



Shannon Murray
Greenhouse Studios


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