Recording Connection: Letter: Galilee Recording Studio

Galilee Recording Studio
4032 Kilbannon Way
Columbus, OH 43016

The Music Connection
1135 Terminal Way Suite 209
Reno, NV 89502


April 20, 2001

Dear Jimmy,

I am very excited about your program for young aspiring engineers and producers. I feel privileged to have assisted Jarrod Hess during his internship in our recording studio. He was truly a joy to work with and has an excellent job in learning the skills of recording and producing. not to mention he has become a good friend of mine. The Music Connection has made all this possible.

I am also very pleased to tell you that as a result of your program Jarrod has recently gotten a full time position at MillsJames Production Studios in Columbus, Ohio which is one of the hottest audio-visual facilities in the mid-west. He absolutely loves the work and is excited about growing into various aspects of audio & video. I again am proud to have been part of his budding career through the agency of The Music Connection. I am looking forward to the next opportunity of training another individual in this exciting arena of recording.

Keep up the good work!


Yours truly,

Gary Sclafani
Galilee Recording Studio
Columbus, OH