Recording Connection: letter: Echobay Productions

Echobay Productions
5417 Boone Ave. North
New Hope, MN 55428
Phone 763-971-8943
Fax 763-971-8952

To Whom It May Concern:

After serving a 6 month internship, Zachary Bates was recently hired to the position of Assistant Engineer at EchoBay Studios. Throughout his internship period, Zac continually demonstrated a willingness to learn and great attention to detail. We are very appreciative to John Delang and his association with the Music Connection for introducing Zac to our facility and creating such an opportunity. Zac has become an integral part of our staff, and we look forward to working with more graduates of the Music Connection in the future.


Thank you.


Scott LeGere
Studio Manager
EchoBay Productions
[email protected]


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