Recording Connection: Letter: Cue Recording Studios


September 29, 1999

Dear Music Connection,

It has been a pleasure for our recording engineers to teach your students using the powerful and comprehensive textbook that you have developed. Having read many books regarding recording techniques, technical specifications, and general studio equipment, I have found The Music Connection’s to be among the best in the business. Additionally, having had several opportunities to instruct your students myself during their Music Connection curriculum here at Cue’s studios, I was amazed at how quickly they grasped the information and techniques by virtue of having the actual equipment here for their use and reference.

I believe anyone seriously entertaining a career in the recording industry would benefit greatly from your course. We are pleased to inform you that one of your students, Troy Winarski, was hired as an assistant engineer at the completion of his final exam. He has been a valuable asset to Cue Recording since his employment.


Jeff Jeffrey
Cue Recording, Ltd.
109 Park Avenue, Suite E, Falls Church, Virginia 22046   703 532 9033


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