Recording Connection: Letter: Cornerstone Studios

Cornerstone Studios
P.O. Box 4736
Wichita, Kansas 67204-0736
(800) 392-5539


I’ve enclosed the review questions from Terese Simpson for chapters 1 through 8 basic. I’ve already received the check for Basic 1 through 3. I apologize for the delay in sending these to you. Terese is doing well in her studies but we sometimes take a little longer learning the equipment due to her visual impairment. She is getting an apartment closer to the studio so she can be here more often as she has had problems with transportation occasionally. We are very pleased with the program you have developed with The Music Connection and have recommended it to several budding recording engineers. I’m looking forward to the rest of the course. I’ve enjoyed reviewing this material and teaching it as this is the same workbook and text I studied from while I was in college. Keep up the good work!



Steven D. Falke
Producer/Chief engineer


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