Recording Connection: Letter: Cargill Consultants

Cargill Consultants, Inc.
22119-1/2 S. Vermont Ave.
Torrance, CA 90502



I’m writing this letter to show my appreciation for everything you have done for me in the Recording Engineer program. First of all I figure you saved me around US $20,000.00 because I was ready to enroll at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts. Boy that would have been a big mistake. After doing a little research on my own and talking to several studios I realized that the bottom line was getting in the door.

Everything you told me that would happen has–and then some. To be quite honest I was at first very skeptical about your program. Frankly, it sounded too good to be true. But after you got me an interview with one of the best Recording Studios, “Skip Saylor Studios” in Los Angeles, at that point I knew you were for real!

My first week of class I did the whole microphone drum set up for Ice-T, that’s right Ice-T . . .

Skip is one of the highest regarded engineer/producer’s in the business. The studio had gold and platinum credits all over the wall including Guns-n-Roses, and a score of other prominent artists.

As you know I moved during the training, although wanting to stay at Skip’s the drive was beginning to be a little tough. You had mentioned to me in the phone orientation that I would be able to transfer studios at anytime during the training. Now I believed you, but I must admit I never thought you would move as fast as you did. Not only did you find me a new studio literally within blocks from my house; you did it the very next day! Jimmy you are a man of your word in my book. So far I’m working directly with Mark Cargill, the owner of the studio. Mark is a great guy, and I would like to add that he was very impressed with your course materials. He has actually hired me part time and I’m not even done with the course yet! Since I also have a full time job I go to the studio 3 nights a week and I do work for him in the studio on the weekends. It’s great and the extra money sure comes in handy.

I highly recommend the Recording and Radio Connection to anyone trying to break into the Recording or Music Industries. I just again wanted to send this letter in appreciation to the man who made it all possible. If anyone out there would like to talk to me about the course, they can even give me a call at my home at (310) 547-0387. It’s the least I can do! Thanks again.



Dario Ramirez
(Music Connection Student)


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