Recording Connection: Letter: BopTech Studios


July 12,1998

James Petulla
Recording & Radio Connection

RE: Darren Dixon


Darren Dixon and I have been working together since last February, and as we’ve approached the end of the course, we’ve both learned a great deal from your program!

Enclosed is Darren’s final mix project/demo tapes. I feel he has done an excellent job. At this point we feel we’ve met all of Darren’s goals, and covered as much practical hands-on training as possible.

In addition Darren has become my second engineer, assisting me with album projects, etc. We have been able to give Darren enough work to employ him in the music industry on a full time basis.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with Darren, he’s a fine young man and a welcome addition to our staff. I hope to work with you again in the future.



Michael Par
BopTech Recording Studios

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