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Jimmy Petulla

Recording & Radio Connection



I just thought that I would drop you a note to let you know how well things are going here in ole’ KC.

Our Music Connection program is just smoking along! All of our audio engineering students are having a lot of fun and some are even obtaining gainful employment. Ea Monroe, who was in the class about six months ago, has recently been employed by Bud Ross at Edgerton electronics. You remember bud, the founder of Kustom Electronics. Mr. “rolled & pleated” himself. He is now building a line of esoteric guitar and sound gear. Also, one of our current students, Tori Johnson, was recently hired as the house person for the Westport Bar, a popular spot with the local music scene. And Tori still has four or five weeks left of the program! Having a lot of determination and a good mentor program has really worked for them. In fact, all of our engineering students have brought sessions to the studio. They get valuable experience and we get new clients. So we are all having fun and making money in Kansas City!

Keep up the good work Jimmy and keep sending those students.



Lynn Allred,

Chief Engineer, BMG

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