Recording Connection Student Intern Hired for Recording Studio Engineer Job

Binary Recording Studio
PO Box 1520
Bellingham, WA 96227
(206) 647-2337

To Entertainment Connection

Thank you for sending us such a great extern, Tony has worked real hard on the course and in turn we have decided to hire him as a engineer at our studio. Working with Tony on the course gave us a chance to see his working habits and capabilities of dealing with problems that can arise in the studio. I know of no other study course that allows the studio owner a chance to watch the students progression like this. This has allowed me to know Tony better before considering hiring him to represent the studio as a employee. More than anything else its the employees that make it a great studio, and we believe that having Tony complete this course with me and the other engineers, he is more than capable of doing a great job for us. It’s been a great experience for all.


Thank you.

Bob Ridgley, Owner


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