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Recording Connection: letter: AM Studios Recording and Rehearsal, World Music C


AM Studios Recording and Rehearsal / World Music Connections, Inc.
251 West 30th Street, New York City, NY 10001
Tel. (212) 404-7000, Fax (212) 564-7610
E-mail: [email protected]


Music Connection Staff:

I was born in Pirot, Yugoslavia on April 17, 1975. From a very early age I was adamant about playing music, listening to music and living music. I started by playing an accordion at the age of 7. By the time I turned 14, I was already playing an electric guitar and thinking about how to make the music I was playing sound better. At the same time, my tastes were developing in the direction Jazz, Funk and Rock and Roll. At the age of 23, I picked up my first Electric Bass and fell in love with the sound. I worked odd jobs and played a lot of gigs to save enough money, and bought an Acoustic Bass. I finally found my instrument. During my college years I spent a great deal of time thinking and learning about technical aspects of the music I was making and hearing. This also started me thinking about how to make music sound great, and the gear and skills that it took to transform ordinary sounding music into great sounding music.

In 2001, I acquired a degree in Business/Finance and I decided to come to New York, because it as in New York that I was going make my life and living in the music business. I joined a band in NY called the SupaScription and found a day job in the finance industry. My income allowed to slowly assembling a small, Pro-Tools based home studio where I started practicing my skills as an engineer. My studio allowed me to gain basic knowledge of editing and tracking, but my apartment couldn’t accommodate a live band nor could I afford a commercially viable recording studio. I was limited to midi production. What I realized that I needed was hands-on experience in a commercial Recording/Production Facility.

I spoke with many people about my desire to learn first hand how to record and mix music. Each and every time I got the same reference-James Petulla. I checked out Jimi’s Web site on the Internet and enrolled in his engineering course. Jimi set up a mentorship with Mr. Charles Neuman at Mothers West Recording Studios in Manhattan. The program was top notch and I learned way more than I could ever pick up in any school type program. Through the course I discovered a world that I had only read and heard about. I loved bringing music from the mundane to the great by using some of the most sophisticated recording equipment available. I trained/worked at that studio for 6 months learning how to track, mix and make music stand on end.

Within a year I entered into a partnership and I jointly invested in a Recording/Rehearsal Studio and called it World Music Connections Inc./ Am Studios on West 30th Street. I am now a co-owner of my own recording and rehearsal studio. We are busier than I could ever imagine. We have been in business for 6 months and things couldn’t be better. I am doing what I love, playing my own music with a band and running my own recording and rehearsal studio. I am delivering a first class product to my clients who just keep coming back for more. I would like to thank Jimi and the staff at Entertainment Connection. I am so glad I made that phone call!!

Milan Nikolic

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