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It’s your “in,” your “foot in the door” to the media biz. Recording Connection does what its name implies: “connects” you to someone in the business. For a career in audio engineering, college is a waste of time and money. Yes, you read it right. In fact, I’ll repeat it. College is a waste of time and money. Blasphemy, right? How could I write something so stupid, so idiotic, so irresponsible, so untrue! Because I work in the business, and know of what I write. Read More



Before our students get accepted into Recording Connection, they’ve already had to clear two hurdles. First, is when we hold our initial interview with the student. The second hurdle is with the recording studio mentor. If the studio calls up and says the student isn’t good enough, the student can’t get into the program. So you have to be accepted. Of course, most recording schools say “we don’t accept just anyone.” Well, sure they do. Why wouldn’t they? Read More



The Recording Connection music, audio and live event sound programs allow you to learn the skills and get the experience you need to get a job as a Recording Engineer, Music Producer and other related positions. The Recording Connection program was designed to solve the age-old problem of “no experience by giving you hands-on experience in the real world, learning at a top recording studio where you live, from a professional audio engineer or music producer. Read More



The great teachers and learning environments are found in the real world. That’s also where you make crucial job connections. Recording Connection delivers both. When we schedule a student for an interview with a potential mentor, there are only two questions they have about a potential extern. The first one is, let’s be sure that the person is not a kook, a jerk or a crazy. And the second one is, do they really want it. The secret is that people love to teach what they know and love to teach somebody who is hungry and eager to learn. Read More



Why college may not be the answer. Today, paradoxically, a college diploma is considered both essential and nearly meaningless. Since employers can no longer rely n a college diploma, per se, to have much value, they rely more and more on specialized graduate-school programs to train prospective employees. Read More



Sadly, most recent college grads are in debt up to their teeth with student loans, making it damned near impossible to take an entry-level position anywhere because they simply will not be able to make ends meet. Unfortunately, after earning their degree they soon learn that all they are qualified for is said entry-level position. Read More



Behind every great CD is a great recording engineer. Despite the glamour of a global music act with a multi-platinum album, the competition to be the engineer on such a project can be nearly as fierce as being the artist. Those who want to work with the top recording studios, or any studio for that matter, find themselves in a Catch-22: You can’t work without experience and you can’t get experience without work. Recording Connection solves this dilemma. Read More


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