Mission Statement of RRFC

The mission of the Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools is to enable and equip each of our students to establish a successful career in his/her chosen profession. We do this not only by incorporating a world-class curriculum that covers the principles and skills of a chosen trade, but also by integrating the student within the professional environment where those principles and skills will be implemented, via the mentor-apprentice training approach.


The key belief of RRFC is that our job is not simply to teach students the skills of a profession, but rather to enable our students to become gainfully employed once they graduate. We don’t just want to teach our students: we want to help escort them into rewarding careers.

In our experience, education and training alone are not sufficient to help the graduate secure employment or launch a career once school is finished. In the fields of recording, film, broadcasting and the culinary arts, especially, prospective employers and clients have little regard for degrees, diplomas and certificates of completion. In tandem with the education, there must also be an element of connection with the students’ chosen industry. Additionally, experience has shown that students who are trained on-the-job by actual working professionals are better able to integrate seamlessly into the work environment, having a more thorough working knowledge of how the education is applied in the “real world.” Finally, we have noted that people who can point to one or more mentors in their lives tend to have more success in life overall, regardless of career choice.

These realities have led us to three guiding principles for our educational approach:

  • Our education must seamlessly weave theoretical principles with real-world experience
  • Our education must integrate the student with the workplace, where job-producing connections can be made
  • Our education must be centered around professional mentoring


To implement these principles, RRFC embraces a vision that returns to the ancient art of apprenticeship, which serves as the hallmark of our mentor-apprentice training approach. Bypassing conventional classroom instruction entirely, have chosen to place each student into an actual professional workplace as an apprentice, where an immersive curriculum is administered one-on-one by a professional mentor, combined with many hours of hands-on training in the workplace. Implementing this practical training approach over more than 30 years has demonstrated proven results, with over 70 percent of graduates moving into paid employment after graduation.


The following key components enable RRFC to fulfill its mission of preparing and connecting our students into rewarding careers:

  • Implementing a world-class, structured course curriculum, developed by actual successful working professionals within the students’ chosen discipline
  • Placing the student as a working apprentice within an actual workplace located near the student’s place of residence*
  • Pairing the student with a mentor in the workplace, a successful working professional, for one-on-one instruction on-the-job multiple times per week
  • Combining curriculum studies with actual hands-on practice in the workplace
  • Encouraging the student to spend additional quality time in the workplace whenever possible, as allowed by the mentor and the student’s schedule, to become an asset to the workplace
  • Imparting supplementary career-building and job-hunting skills through our Student Services department
  • Providing complimentary tutoring when available
  • Providing active job placement assistance to each student who requires it, for up to a year after graduation

*In the Recording Connection division of RRFC, the student’s apprenticeship takes place in a real recording studio, under the mentoring of a working audio engineer, music producer or other music industry professional.