The Recording Connection: The Basics of our No-Nonsense Audio Engineering Program – Corbin Corona

Corbin Corona, Admissions CounselorThe Recording Connection is often asked questions so we’ve compiled this article to make things easier for you.

Question: How much does the program cost?

Answer: Our program is $9,800 without the ‘upfront’ discount. If you choose to pay the total cost up front, at time of admission, we give you $1000 off. That makes it $8,800. We also offer some student loan packages if you’re interested in exploring those. The primary loan requires a down payment of $2,700 and a monthly payment of $200.

Question: How hard is the interview process?

Answer: We care more about the person than the accomplishments. We just want to see that you’re dedicated and that you’re a good fit for your mentor.

Question: Do you accept everyone?

Answer: No. We only want to work with driven, talented individuals.

The Recording Connection is an audio engineering program that pairs you, the up and coming audio engineer with an established professional engineer. You’ll learn under them, figure out your strengths, and make professional contacts.

During your time in the Recording Connection you’ll learn both the tricks of the trade and short cuts that only the pros know. You’ll make your way from novice to someone who knows the reality of studio work, has practical knowledge and a number of pros as contacts in the music industry.