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The Nuts and Bolts of How Recording Connection Works – Blake Lampkin

Blake Lampkin, Admissions CounselorThe Recording Connection gets asked a number of the same questions, albeit important ones, on a pretty regular basis. So, in order to help you understand our program better, we’ve put together a list of these commonly asked questions along with succinct, easy-to-understand responses.

Question: How long is the program?

Answer: This is a six month long program that is self paced so that you do have up to one year to complete it, but with that there is a minimum of two days a week inside the studio. Which is extremely flexible. All you’d really have to do is let the mentor know when works best for you, they would do the same and you guys would get it rolling from there.

Question: Aside from being mentored what are the things that I’ll learn?

Answer: Some of our lesson titles include: sound and hearing, connectivity, intro and basics to Pro Tools, plug-ins and processing, and time-based effects. When it comes to the actual curriculum we are not going to send you home with any books but you would be able to study it from your computer. Where let’s say one of the lessons tells you to move one of the singer to the front of the mix and the drummer to the back, there will be a crossfader. Where as you’re manipulating it you would actually hear the effect in real time.

Question: What happens after I graduate?

Answer: After you complete all 20 lessons we’re going to give you 12 whole months of job placement assistance. With this program we do have a success rate of 72%. I would like to highlight the fact that those are industry paid jobs.

Question: How does the job placement assistance work?

Answer: We are going to help build your resume, your cover letter and your website. And then we’re going to speak to your mentor, your mentor’s contacts and even contacts within our own database until we’re able to help get you some work in the industry.

Question: How much is tuition?

Answer: Our tuition is $9,800, if you pay in full.

Question: Do you have financial aid?

Answer: We have tuition assistance options. The first option is the internal financing. The second option is a no down payment loan, where either you or your co-signer would have to have a credit score of 680 and be currently employed.

The Recording Connection is affordable, won’t drive you into debt, and will help you jumpstart your career as both an audio engineer and producer. The Recording Connection is a simple solution to an extremely difficult problem. How do you get your foot in the door if you don’t know anyone in the industry? How do you work your way in? How do you make connections? It’s simple. You attend the Recording Connection.