Recording Connection 101 – Russell Knight

Russell Knight, Admissions Counselor
We’ve assembled this list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate your way as you learn more about our unique, no-nonsense mentor-apprenticeship program.

Question: What is the Recording Connection?

Answer: What we are is an apprenticeship program.

So what we do not do is put you in a classroom with a bunch of other students and a teacher. What we do do is we pair you up with a mentor who is a working professional in the industry. Our mentors have worked with everybody from Metallica to Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga. Warren G is actually one of our current students right now.

We get you in there with industry professionals to learn from one-on-one at their studio. So they’re going to go over all of our digital interactive curriculum so it’s 3D learning. If you’re learning about vocals, you’re going to have an example, you’re going to be able to manipulate it, and you’re going to hear it before and after, all that kind of stuff. And you’re going to be doing this one-on-one with that mentor in the studio.

Question: How soon after the initial interview would I be starting?

Answer: We are an acceptance-based program, and the way it works is we can theoretically have you in the studio with your mentor in the next six weeks.

Question: How long is the program?

Answer: It’s a six month-long curriculum followed by twelve months in a job placement program where we have a 72% success rate of getting our students work in the industry.

Question: What is the tuition?

Answer: $9,800. That pays for the entirety of the program, any books or supplies you’ll need, and your mentoring sessions. As a bonus, if you decide to pay the full amount at the time of admission we’ll give you a discount of $1,000.

The Recording Connection is the best way to jump-start your career. It takes you from zero to hero in no time at all. We pair you with a mentor who teaches you everything you need to learn about the industry and the craft of audio engineering. We also put you to work in a studio that will help you make connections with real industry veterans who will help you further your career.