How the Recording Connection Program Works – Greg Tariloff

Greg Tariloff, Admissions CounselorThe Recording Connection often receives many of the same questions over and over and over again. So we’ve written down a list of the most commonly asked questions. Hopefully, this will be helpful to you while you’re perusing potential academic institutions to attend.

Question: How does your program work?

Answer: Basically, what we do is instead of putting you in a classroom, we set you up at an actual recording studio as an apprentice. What you’re getting here is on the job training. Everything is hands-on and everything is one on one. There are no other classmates. Basically the only other people that you’re interacting with are industry professionals that you get the opportunity to network with. I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying, “It’s more about who you know than what you know” Right? You’re being placed in from day one is that kind of environment, and as far as who you’re learning under, this is going to be your mentor, who’s an audio engineer or music producer that has an established working relationship with people like Kendrick Lamar, Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé.

Question: How long is the program going to be?

Answer: A lot of times what ends up happening after you finish the program, it’s six months, but we give you up to a year to finish because it’s self-paced, so typically students finish between six to eight months.

Question: What happens after I graduate?

Answer: After that, your twelve months of job placement kicks in. Now, basically a lot of the time, the student will end up getting hired by the same studio they did their training at. Obviously, that’s not always going to be the case because sometimes they’re fully staffed. So in that scenario, we spend 12 months where we start reaching out to the mentor’s contacts as well as those of our own to see what’s available for you locally up there in Michigan, as well as abroad, since we work with over 500 studios across the United States.

Let’s say you want to relocate to New York or LA or something like that, maybe Atlanta. We can actually help facilitate that move by establishing sort of a landing pad type of situation for you. So it’s pretty comprehensive. Other than that, we help you with your resume and cover letter. We help you with your social media networking. The job placement rate is 72% and I do mean real industry work. We’re not talking internships or Guitar Center, here. That kind of stuff is literally why people like Larry King endorses us, and about 500 Grammy-winning engineers and producers endorse us because we actually give people a fair shot. This is not a diploma mill, you know what I’m saying?


Conversation with a Concerned Parent

The Recording Connection isn’t like other schools, we take pride in that. We’re here making sure that students don’t go down the wrong path, that they don’t make a mistake when it comes to their education and go to the wrong school. We want to be certain that they don’t learn from the wrong people. We empower our students to make the right choices and get hands-on education not just book smarts. We recently recorded a conversation that one of our admissions counselors had with a concerned mother of a prospective student. Give it a listen.

Mother: I mean, what do you guys do differently? I mean, I know that you’re different…you’re more one-on-one. It’s more of an apprentice, I guess. Is that correct?

Counselor: Yeah, that is correct. It’s on-the-job training at an actual recording studio where your son would be learning under his mentor who would be an audio engineer or music producer that actively works with your top recording artist, you know, Kendrick Lamar, Rolling Stones, Adele, you name it. All of these names are on our rosters.

Unlike any of these other clown schools – as I favor to call them – we actually follow up with job placement assistance. So if your son’s not hired at the same studio he did his training at, we’d be following up with 12 months where we reach out to the mentor’s contacts, as well as those of our own, to see what’s available for him locally out there in Pennsylvania, as well as abroad. So let’s say if he wants to relocate to New York or Atlanta or Los Angeles or something like that, we could actually help establish a landing path for him so he’s not walking in there bare foot. Other than that, we help with the peripherals, like the resume and cover letter. We help with the social media networking, and we actually build a website for him, that he can use to market his material more effectively.

Mother: And where would my son be studying?

He’d be studying in a recording studio about 30 minutes from your home. We have partnerships with recording studios all over the United States and Canada. So wherever you live, we can find a studio for him to apprentice in.

Mother: Do you guys do any type of FAFSA? Anything like that? Like universities and colleges do?

Counselor: For FAFSA, we have a financial assistance alternative. We don’t do FAFSA because we’re not a Title IV program, meaning we don’t have a brick and mortar campus. We put your son in the actual studio instead of a classroom. However, as far as payment plans would go, you can either do a loan option, which is like a government backed credit based loan, or you can do a down payment option.

The Recording Connection offers numerous advantages over traditional audio engineering schools. We get you in the studio, working with artists, and making connections. We want you to be there in the room, gaining experience, and fully realizing your potential.


The Recording Connection, How Much, How Long and Student Loan Options

Question: How does the Recording Connection work?

Answer: What we do is instead of putting you into a classroom, we set you up at a professional recording studio as an apprentice. You’re doing on-the-job training. Everything is hands-on and everything is one-on-one so that means the only other people you’re interacting with in this scenario are the industry professionals that you can network with. I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying, “It’s more about who you know than what you know,” yeah? That’s an understatement. It’s actually more so about who knows you. And who knows what you can do.

Question: Will Recording Connection help me find a job after I graduate?

Answer: So a lot of the time when the student graduates this program, they end up getting hired at the same studio they did their apprenticeship at. If your mentor’s studio is fully staffed, that’s when we start reaching out to the other mentors — and we spend 12 months doing this — contacts as well as those of our own to see what’s available for you. We work with over 500 studios throughout America so we’re often able to place people no matter where they’re at or where they want to go.

Question: Do you have any student loan options?

We have two student loan options: Option A, you’d need a co-signer that has a credit score of around 680 who’s currently employed. With that option, you start paying off the loan 60 days after you start the program at about 200 a month. The other option would be a down payment of 2,700 if you can’t find a co-signer. That one reduces your interest charges once again and you save a year’s worth of payments also about $200 a month 30 days after you start.

The Recording Connection takes young up and coming audio engineers, puts them inside a real recording studio, under the guidance of a real engineer or producer, and teaches them the workflow of the industry. It’s just as simple as that.

The Recording Connection is the best option for people attempting to cut their teeth, make connections and produce great work all while still being a ‘student’. We offer an unprecedented foot in the door of an industry that is notorious for being closed off and virtually impossible to break into.