Clear Answers to Questions about Recording Connection – Dennis Alvarez

Dennis Alvarez, Admissions CounselorThe Recording Connection is constantly asked numerous questions about how their apprenticeship program works. In order to hopefully make things clearer and more transparent, here’s a list of commonly asked questions.

Question: Does your school take FAFSA?

Answer: What we have is a robust student loan program. If you or a cosigner has a credit FICO score of 680 and above and also has a job, you’d be able to qualify for our financial assistance program. And basically, if you have a 600 to a 680, it would be a smaller down payment of $500 to $1,000, but that’s with no money down, and your payments wouldn’t start until about 60 days until after you’ve started the program, and they can be as low as $200 a month over the course of 12 to 48 months.

Question: Do I need a high school diploma to attend the Recording Connection?

Answer: No, we just need to know that you’re professional enough to handle this opportunity, because at the end of the day, this opportunity is insane. You could be in the studio when Adele walks in. And what do you do? You need to be able to handle yourself in those scenarios because if that happens, obviously if you freak out you’re going to make yourself look bad. We just need to know that you’re professional and mature enough to handle the opportunity.

Question: Do I need to have experience in audio engineering already?

Answer: If you have no experience that’s fine. We want you to learn. We want to teach you from the bottom. We’re going to tailor your education however we need it to. So, if you already know something, we’re not going to focus on things you already know. We’re going to focus on things you don’t. And if you want to relearn it, we’ll teach you what you want to relearn.

The Recording Connection is an audio engineering apprenticeship program that enables young, up-and-coming, audio engineering students to get their foot in the door, cut their teeth, and really make connections with other audio engineering professionals.