Answers to Commonly Asked Questions – Nelson Melara

Nelson Melara, Admissions CounselorThe Recording Connection is constantly asked questions about how our program works and who exactly it benefits. Well, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of commonly asked questions, in order to help answer those queries.

Question: How does the Recording Connection work?

Answer: Basically, back in the old days if you wanted to be a brick builder what you would do is you master brick building. Study underneath that brick builder and in-so-doing, gain the necessary tools and knowledge to be successful in that brick building business. We take this same approach to music and audio engineering. You’re going to apprentice under a real working professional and learn the basics of how the industry functions.

Question: How long is the program?

Answer: 6-12 months. Most people finish around 8. It’s a self-paced program so you can work as slow or as fast as you want.

Question: Do you offer job placement after I graduate?

Answer: We offer 12 months of job placement, in which we do have a 72% successful job placement rate.

Question: How much is the program’s tuition?

Answer: If you pay up front in full, we’re actually going to take off $1000 for you, making the program $8800. Now, it’s going to save you a ton of money as far as financing and interest fees associated with student loans. Getting down to numbers, you’re going to save close to about $5000 if you go with the full pay option at the time of acceptance. Additionally, we also offer two student loan packages.

The Recording Connection takes young, up and coming audio engineers and producers and puts them behind the closed doors of the studio. The mentors they’re paired with take them from fledglings to would-be audio engineers and turn them into real industry professionals.