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John King, Audio Engineer for Jay-Z, is a Mentor at Recording Connection
John King, Audio Engineer for Jay-Z, is a Mentor at Recording Connection

John King, Audio Engineer for Jay-Z, is a Mentor at Recording Connection

John King, Audio Engineer for Jay-Z, is a Teacher at Recording Connection
This is John’s recording studio, and your “classroom” with the Recording Connection. We’re the only program that gets you in the door of a real recording studio as an extern.

More about John King – Audio Engineer / Recording Connection Mentor

The Recording Connection has high standards. We partner with well-qualified mentors in the industry and John King is among the top of the list. As one of the most sought-after engineers and producers in the country, he’s worked with some of the biggest and brightest stars in a variety of music genres.  As a music industry icon, John King has a wealth of in-depth understanding of the creative process and the technology behind it. John King’s aptly named New York City studio, Chung King Studios, a respected audio recording and production facility known to many insiders.

For over 20 years, he has worked and developed relationships with prominent artists in a wide-range of genres. Artists with whom he has worked range from 1999 multi-Grammy winning artist Lauryn Hill to Pavoratti, and include Jay Z, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC, multi-platinum selling Smashing Pumpkins and James Taylor.

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John King, Audio Engineer for Jay-Z, is a Teacher at Recording Connection
The Recording Connection audio engineering school alternative is dedicated to helping you and other serious and eager folks get your foot in the door so you can become a music producer, audio engineer, or music professional. We want you to have the education, the connections, and the skill set an individual like you needs to get started in the music industry.

How to Learn Music Producing and Engineering
+ Get Started Working in the Music Business:


Learn from a professional like John King as his extern in his studio, and prove your skills in the process.


Avoid trade schools and audio programs that train you in a simulated studio and don’t provide real-world experience throughout your course of study.


Become a Recording Connection extern and learn one-on-one from a real music industry pro.



– OR –


By enrolling in the Recording Connection, you’re putting yourself in position to make connections and learn from people who are more advanced than you are. You’ll be getting your foot in the door and with hard work and diligence, you could be making a name for yourself, one success at a time.

The Recording Connection pairs you with a mentor who is currently doing the work you want to be doing. Whether you’re interested in hip-hop, reggae, punk, pop, gospel, polka, classical, new wave, electronica, heavy metal or R&B, it doesn’t matter. We’ll find you a mentor that will help you learn what there is to learn about the industry and the craft of making music. You’ll be working (externing) in a real recording studio with real equipment.

Ready to get going? Apply and take your tomorrow. It’s waiting for YOU.

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