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Seattle Audio School by the Seattle Recording Connection

Why the Seattle, WA Recording Connection Is Better

While there is more than one Seattle Recording School from which to choose, the RECORDING CONNECTION is the only one that gets you inside an actual Seattle recording studio, working as an audio student apprentice (extern) while you learn music production, audio engineering, mixing, live audio, electronic music-and its many sub-genres (video game music, acid house, dub fusion, electronica and more), electronic DJ and post production audio. Make no mistake: the smartest way to break into the recording industry in Seattle is to start inside a Seattle recording studio as an apprentice (extern). We’re the school that helps get your foot in the door.

You could easily spend 20-50 thousand dollars to go to recording school at a college or trade school, or you could spend a fraction of that amount and go to recording school in a real recording studio. The choice is clear! Be smart, get on the inside track, and learn from the pros in a real-world environment. Our recording school alternative is the smartest, most cost efficient program available today.

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Located along Puget Sound off the Pacific Ocean, Seattle is Washington’s largest city, anchoring a greater metro area of around 3.4 million people. Seattle’s music scene is busy, diverse and highly influential. Known around the globe as the birthplace of ‘grunge’ music in the late 1980s, today Seattle continues to be a hotspot for alt-rock, indie-rock, hip-hop, metal and even jazz. The list of famous bands and artists with ties to the Seattle area is long, and includes rock legend Jimi Hendrix; producer/composer Quincy Jones; grunge bands Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden; rock bands Queensryche, Heart and Foo Fighters; singer/songwriter Neko Case; and indie-rock bands Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse, just to name a few.

To accommodate the ongoing needs of Seattle’s busy music scene, a number of high-quality recording studios make their home here. Whether your interest is in recording, producing, mixing or mastering, Seattle provides plenty of learning opportunities for you.

Our advantage over other recording schools is our revolutionary mentor-apprentice (extern) approach. Forget the stale classroom environment–you won’t need it with the RECORDING CONNECTION. Instead, we pair you with a working recording industry professional who becomes your personal instructor, training you one-on-one during actual recording projects and putting you where the real action is happening. Not only will you gain valuable hands-on experience, but you’ll also make vital industry connections that typically result in job placement. In fact, over 70% of our students land permanent industry positions, usually through contacts they made while studying with us. You owe it to yourself to see what our Seattle Recording School can do for your career.

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Success Stories from Students Near Seattle

Works hands-on during your very first day in the program!

“Today’s session with my mentor went great! It was a mellow day in the studio and I was able to sit down [and] read over some of my materials the Recording Connection assigned me prior to the session. Then out of the blue, my mentor said I could go start getting familiar with Pro Tools, so I did just that! It was great. I guess you could say this was where I felt like I was in control, which was really awesome because I know that this is what The Recording Connection program is about. With some help from my mentor and my fellow apprentices, I found myself working on my own mix and really just being able to mess around with the program, learning the features in Pro Tools.”

– Thomas Gentil, Bremerton, Washington

Learn by doing.

“I showed up to my training session with my mentor and he did a fantastic job explaining things in a way that I could understand. He also gave me a little assignment involving binary numbers to help me understand them a little more. My internship part of the day was the best part this week. [We] decided to do a little remodeling in the studio and [my mentor] took out the wall separating the drum room from the tracking room, replacing it with a set of French doors. I think this was a great idea because now the drummer and other musicians can see each other. After the construction part was done, my mentor and I had to move the drum set back into the drum room. Since I use to play drums, this was a whole lot of fun for me. And because we were moving them back into the drum room, we then had to mic them. While we were setting everything up, my mentor gave me a tutorial on the different microphones he was using as well as why, which I decided was perfect timing since this was the topic of my next lesson we will go over next week.”

– Kelly Putman, Tacoma, Washington

Through the Recording Connection, make your dreams your reality.

“My first official session and lesson with my mentor were great! To admit, I was a little hesitant to commit fully to this program. However, I am relieved to find that it is indeed what I was looking for! It is refreshing working with professionals in the recording industry. I am now seeing the level of professionalism offered by my mentor and his studio, which has given me drive to increase my own success. Thank you Recording Connection.”

Nikolas Petersen-Overton, Seattle, Washington

Learn equipment that you have always wanted to master.

“My mentor has been working with me on previous unfinished work that has a lot of room for improvement; this way, I can get into the role of an audio engineer. It is fun adding so many small things to each sound in order to capture that perfect sound. It is amazing how much a difference so little work can make. After working with Sonar for a bit, my mentor and I switched over to Reason 4. This was exciting for me because I have wanted to start learning this program for a while, but have been just too daunted to actually proceed anywhere and achieve anything. However, this time, and with the help of my mentor, I found that working in this studio has paid off! It is now much clearer as to how the signal flows in a studio.”

– Nikolas Petersen, Seattle, Washington

Learn by doing

“During my session, I got to discuss the patch bay with my mentor. I got the chance to use the mixing board in order to try and mix a song, as well as patch effects through the mixing board to experiment with those as well. This was a great lesson because it was very hands on.”

– Jacob Altaras, Kirkland, Washington

Work on Your Own Demos with Your Recording Connection Mentor

“My first lesson that the Recording Connection set up with my mentor went really well! I feel that I learned a lot and am excited to continue my lessons, as well as continue learning. I also showed my mentor a CD of my band that I recorded myself, which he seemed to like! I definitely enjoyed my time with my mentor and felt that I came away from my lesson knowing more than I had when going in. Very cool!”

– Jared Dines, Roy, Washington

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